colorful christmas lounge

we got more snow. and by more snow i mean, a ton more inches of snow. last night the drifts were so big that part of our entire fence was covered in snow. the sheep were like ummm no this is not working for us. joe and i had a mid week date night last night and headed to 616 downtown for a drink and then to cirque de soleil. this was joe’s first time going to one (this one was about bugs) and my second one. however i have never been that close to the stage that was a little intense. we left shortly into the second act unfortunately because we knew the roads would be terrible and didn’t want to drive home in them too late. terrible is an understatement. there was one point where the wind blew across the open fields and it felt like it engulfed our entire truck. the cars in front of us disappeared and that is when we knew we were in trouble. there was one point where i was watching the bank on the side of the road letting joe know the road was still straight. it was …. quite the interesting ride home. but safe and sound we made it.

it’s fun to do different things throughout the week. so many times we find ourselves slipping into the same routine every single day especially in the winter. we get home, make dinner, clean up dinner, do chores, watch daily show, go to bed. it’s hard to stay motivated at home when it’s dark at 5pm. last night (with the exception of the ride home) was a good way to shake things up during the week.

now, let’s continue decking the halls shall we?

like i said before i showed some restraint this year with pulling out the entirety of my collections. i bet i have a box of about 30 of these dancing santas. this year i picked out some of the best ones and decided they could hang out at the bar. jolly old men that they are. this aluminum tree was one of my favorite finds of all time. they are super hard to come by let alone for a decent price (i’ve seen largest sizes go for $500!). i went to a random estate sale in grand rapids about 5 years ago and found a tree box in the basement. it had the tree still in it with each branch perfectly preserved and unopened in their own individual paper tube. best yet?! the guy sold it to me for $10! i went home and could not believe that all of the pieces were still in the box. i do not take it apart anymore because it’s so fragile. i just move it to the basement. each of the branches are like aluminum tinsel and get easily mangled. once they get bunched up it’s almost impossible to straighten them back out. 

i decided this year to put out all of my handmade snowglobes from my friend dann. he had these in his shop, rebel reclaimed a few years ago and i love looking at them every year. he is so creative and they make me happy just sitting on my end tables. i found some amazing glittery branches from around different shops and loved mixing them in with the dried eucalyptus stems i found at michaels. 

this room best showed off my bright and colorful vintage items. i usually don’t stick to “themes” but each room kind of started and carried it’s own theme.

if you have snow out there on the roads today stay warm and safe! 

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