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you guys… christmas eve is TOMORROW! guess who still has to wrap all their presents… this girl right here! i’m so ashamed! but i guess it kind of fits in with the rest of how i have managed the holidays this year. hey! i’m a busy gal! and i’m starting to realize i just can’t do it all (but that is not going to stop me from trying!)

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i’ve been “test running” some outfits for holiday get togethers by wearing them to work. i feel a holiday outfit must be two things. festive and comfortable. my family consists of amazing cooks and nobody likes wearing tight pants after a holiday meal. and nobody likes discretely unbuttoning their pants after dinner. (don’t act like you haven’t done it before) that is why i always wear longer tanks under my shirts. that way if i stuff myself silly i can just secretly unbutton my pants and slidddeeee the tank over top. (again, don’t act like you haven’t done it before)

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i was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Hanes Hosiery for the holidays and got to test out these awesome power shaper nylons. normally i’m strictly a tights girl but with this insanely weird michigan weather i might be converted back to nylons. who likes to wear tights when it’s 55 degrees (normally it’s like 10 here at this time).

now, normally “control top” and “christmas feast” do not work in the same sentence but i was very pleasantly surprised at how relaxed the material of the power shaper nylons were. they slimmed and smoothed everything out but still allowed me to digest my food. you know what i mean? i hate it when my tights are so tight that i have to lift the waist band to digest my food. i can tell you that after i took these photos i ate an entire platter of sushi no problem. that gives these a gold star pass on their own. don’t you think?

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i got this sweater dress during my friend ericas last shift (tears) at madewell in somerset. seriously this girl has a gift for picking things out for me that always work (she got me to buy my very first…jumpsuit) more on that later. but i was obsessed with this sweater dress but it definitely needed the control top action.  add this dress to the perfect holiday outfit, it’s structured, warm, expandable and comfy. check, check, check and check. and pssst. it’s on sale! 

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i was a little concerned about not breaking up the dress with my legs because you know, i’m kind of pale this time of year but i have to say the Hanes nylons really kind of covered everything up. my pal liz who was snapping these pictures said “they are like makeup for your legs” i can’t help but agree. i didn’t edit any blemishes in my skin out and these nylons mask that creepy vein that goes under my knee.

hanes 4

a few finishing touches to the holiday outfit is comfy shoes. (i’ve blogged these boots a gagillion times) but they are the best and the gray is on sale! and a little sparkle (my 31 bits necklace).

so what do you think? what is your go to holiday outfit? have you tried nylons lately? are you a tights or nylons girl?

happy eve of christmas eve!

Thank you to Hanes for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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