cottage at the bloom workshop

yesterday the found cottage was invited to set up a display at the bloom workshop at the felt mansion in saugatuck. you guys…. it was absolutely stunning. i was obsessed with the idea that a home of this size was once built for someones “summer house” . if you can recall my “summer house” is about the size of a shoe box. but hey maybe someday?
bloom 6

you walk up to the house and the steps leading out are just stunning. you can almost picture this elegant victorian woman sipping drinks with her friends on the stone patio in the shade of an umbrella. it was just breath taking. it was so much fun to meet some of the other vendors in the wedding industry. spring sweet was there, bloom floral (cherries in arrangements!?!?! AMAZING) and so many more. it was an afternoon of creatives all together learning and navigating the wedding business.
bloom 2

at the end of the workshop lisa, liz and i were on a panel to answer business and industry questions. we had just such a blast putting together our display in the shadow of this adorable church next to the mansion. our pal heidi from feather and birch lent us her amazing hand cut arches. they provided the perfect backdrop to the setting and kind of distracted your vision from the parked cars.

bloom 5
if i was thinking, i would have brought my good camera but you make do with what you have. we knew the concept of what we wanted to display but it all kind of came together at the last minute. and can we talk about bloom floral design here? i was absolutely blown away by her creativity. i mean i never thought to use cherries as an arrangement. it was so woodsy and whimsical i loved her work and how it just brought everything to life.

bloom 4

i have to say though out of all the displays and set ups this one by west elm and spring sweet had to be my absolute favorite. this table setting looked and felt like a dream and reminded me of the night we met new friends in italy and just sat outside on the stone patio and drank wine and laughed (and ate a shit ton of cheese). it just brought back such strong emotions and good memories that i felt really drawn to it.

bloom 1
it was such a great afternoon spent with amazingly creative ladies. i honestly needed a little day to be creative and work with my friends. the only downside is now i want to completely gut my house because i want it to look like the felt mansion. crap.

bloom 7

bloom 3


  1. Absolutely stunning. Love that display !!

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