covering slate

so i posted on my instagram the other day about working around the slate in our screen room area. much to my surprise a lot of people seemed to really like the slate?! who would have thought. i actually don’t mind the slate floor. it’s very practical for this room that gets a ton of light and a bit of moisture. however it doesn’t really vibe with the look i’m going for.

the past few years i’ve just covered it up with some rugs which i ruined by accidentally leaving one of the windows open during the winter. i repainted the entire room including the windows hoping to prolong some of the wood frames and took out the damaged rugs.

i thought about just putting some laminate flooring over the top the non adhesive kind that just clicks together and would sit on top of the slate so if and when i changed my mind i could just tear it up. however i think it would look kind of funny and a little too heavy for that room. so my next option (other than another rug) would be this snap lock decking from ikea. it’s totally removable and doesn’t leave any residue behind so if we wanted to go back to slate it would be preserved underneath. plus it might be cheaper than a rug at about $400 to cover the entire 10×12 foot room.

it comes in a few different colors but i’m kind of digging the natural wood tones for the room. the walls are painted white dove by b.moore and i painted my screen room door with some left over space black i had from the kitchenette.

what do you think?



  1. Crystal says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! One of your best, & you are always chock full of GREAT ONES!!!
    LOVE the blog, love you… love it all!
    Continued prayers being sent your way for you, Joe & your precious little Goldfish!
    Continue to rely on & rest in the ability to know that God’s love is INFINUTE for us… he makes NO MISTAKES & he NEVER, EVER, EVER leaves our side… even when we aren’t 100% there w/him… What an amazing thing right!?!?
    Not only have I been praying for you all, BUT, your posts & faith/reminders, etc have been a much needed nudge & reassurance for me as I too have been struggling through some really challenging & scary things-
    So, thank YOU for the reminder of where I need to lean & focus myself towards (FULLY!) & that it’s also ok to have human emotions & feelings (the whole range!) While still remaining faithful in our Lord!
    Thank you for sharing your lives w/all of us! I have been uplifted by your posts on many dark days & this is often the place that I think to come to 1st when I need a little “Calgon Moment” from things 🙂
    Continued prayers & BEST wishes… you two are going to make FABULOUS PARENTS!!! (You already are!)

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