custom coffee table

wow first off thank you so much everyone for the kind words and encouragement yesterday. it hasn’t been easy to not write about how i’ve been feeling or whats been going on in our lives lately, especially when it’s so exciting! thank you so much and we are so geeked to be able to share this journey with you.

but for now.. back to home stuff. we have a lot to do before baby arrives and that includes training in in womb not to ruin my white couches (that is totally doable right?) i’m going to tell myself the tale that every parent tells themselves… my kid won’t do that. lol.

so we ordered the double sofas almost a year ago now and have struggled to find the perfect coffee table. the room is 25 feet long by 17 feet wide so it’s big. and it’s hard to find something that wasn’t absolutely dwarfed in this space. we wanted to keep the fireplace the focal point (because it now works) so that eliminated having two separate seating areas in the room. i searched high and low and the coffee table i fell in love with from restoration hardware sadly was too short. can you believe that!? that’s how big this room is (and those big couches). i don’t know why i didn’t think of it a long time ago but we have a fabulous vendor at the found cottage that makes custom high end furniture. forged by design!

for a communications major… i have a hard time articulating what i want. i worked with alex on this table and seriously sent him like 3 messages. a pic of the ones i liked that were the wrong sizes, the sizes, and a picture of the room. they absolutely nailed it on the design. the table is absolutely huge but it works in this room. it sizes up with the couches and has plenty of room for all the nicknacks i’m going to put on it and style it with. not to mention we are always eating in this room so it’s perfect.

this is clearly not how i’m going to be leaving this table. it needs some stylizing like the rest of this room. i was just so excited to have all my christmas decorations taken down i couldn’t wait to show the table off!

i’m thinking some  greens, a few coffee table books. maybe some baskets for underneath to hold our blankets. i’m ready to decorate for spring can you tell?!

if you want to see some more of forged by designs pieces they are on display at the shop. we have dining tables, mirrors and headboards all made by them and they are absolutely stunning.

for custom work and jobs you can contact them directly via their website here.

check out the rest of their work on their instagram here.

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