dandelion garden dress

right now in our field and gardens it looks like we are growing dandelions on purpose. right now they are pretty because there are so many but soon it will be time to till up everything and put in our pumpkin patch.

this past weekend the breeze was warm and the skies were gray and i felt this overwhelming sense of calm after a busy chatter filled day. sometimes it’s nice just to be still and quiet and go for a walk in the field. with a camera. 🙂

i thought this dress (free people of course) blends in with the flowy calm quiet feeling of a saturday late afternoon. it makes me want to go barefoot ( i didn’t because i’m scared of poop and ticks) but it made me think about it! i own this dress in two colors (I KNOW) but it has a nice fitted waistline so i’m not drowning in a maxi dress. maxis are hard for us short gals. i also love that this dress cuts nicely in right about the ankle so it’s not dragging through the dirt.

i paired this with some simple sandals and a quick hair wash and that was that. free people, i love you.

outfit on abby
dress: free people (on sale at macys!)
sandals: tory burch
lipstick: nars 

Free People Maxi 1 Free People Maxi 2 Free People Maxi 3 Free People Maxi 4

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