you know what hotel living for a few days teaches you? how to survive on the bare minimums. it makes me want to gut everything out of my cupboards and closets when i get home. (it always sounds best when you’re not actually home to have to do it).

for the past few weeks i’ve been canning like crazy and just shoving it every which way and have half opened bags of crackers, chips and crackers, flour, sugar etc. i just need to throw out the old and do some “fall cleaning” at my cupboards. my concern though is do all of these jars actually keep things fresh? or is it purely aesthetic?

pantrysource: mrs. meyers

i found this great article from mrs. meyers about pantry cleaning. i love the little wire baskets to keep fruits and garlics in. you are not supposed to store them in the fridge anyway. it ads a pop of color too! note: i need to go find myself a bunch of new storage jars haha. watchout world market!


in addition to the pantry the closet needs a bit of a gut job as well. in fact i am doing just that tomorrow night and we are having a little girls night out at the found cottage where we are all bringing in our closet clean outs. i just have a big problem with never letting go of things that do not fit. if it brings a good memory or i love the color (even if it doesn’t fit) i have to keep it.

no more!

it is time to clean, throw away and de clutter (again).

does anybody else get like this after they have been away for a few days? once you realize how to live with the necessities you just do not want to come home to a bunch of clutter (which i totally am going to). how do you keep yourself from bringing in more stuff?


  1. Elma Riedstra says:

    I have been trying to get rid of stuff!! I have a hard time and after seeing your pyrex I want to pull all mine out!! I can come and help you! LOL

  2. At first I thought the first picture was your actual pantry and I got super jealous of now nice it looked haha But yes, I get the same feelings you do. Or when I start shopping too much and all of a sudden I feel overwhelmed by piles on piles of clothes. That happened recently, and I’ve slowly been going through my closet and dressers picking out the stuff that is 1,000,000 years old and just really shouldn’t be worn anymore!

  3. It’s easy. You turn 58

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