eight years of bliss

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ok now that i’ve poured over my wedding pictures for the past 45 minutes and bawled my eyes out i feel like like i can finally go on with my day. where does time go?! how can it possibly be eight years ago on this day joey and i were walking down the aisle? i mean there is no way eight years has gone by because i certainly haven’t aged eight years. i think what is making me so weepy this morning is just reflecting back on who we were, what we’ve done and who we are today.

leah mullett photography 

i remember the day i met joey at college. we were involved in this thing called “the pull” it was a hope college tradition / giant tug of war across the black river. for three weeks the juniors coached the freshman and the seniors coached the sophomores. the freshman and the sophomores pulled against each other in these dug in pits on each side of the river. it’s pretty cool. we all took it pretty seriously which looking back is kind of hilarious. but anyway joe was a pull coach and i was a moraler. basically what the girls did was watch the coaches instructions and yell it to their “puller” who was in the pit on the rope. (you can view pictures here) anyway in pull you were not allowed to talk to your coaches. you know how college activities go.

of course all the freshman girls had crushes on the upperclassmen. and one night after the pull was over i had just come home from a party (naughty abby) and joe was on our hope messenger quite late. a little blip popped up “what are you doing up so late?” i kind of sat there looking at the message. is this guy for real? why is he talking to me? trying to find a cool collected awesome response that was sure to impress him…”just got home from a crazy party” (so slick) “you?” he was telling me that he just broke up with someone he was kind of seeing and couldn’t sleep. we talked for a bit more online before going to bed.

he messaged me again the next day which i thought was weird. why is this upperclassman paying attention to me? but i thought he was a total babe so i went with it. he asked me out for coffee and we wound up at subs and more just across from campus. joe met me at an interesting time in my life. i was very straight laced in highschool. i didn’t drink, didn’t do drugs, and dated pretty much the same guy for a few years. once i got to college though i kind of slipped off the deep end for a bit. i was partying quite hard, my grades slipped and quite frankly… i just didn’t really care. i was on my own figuring things out (until the report card came home accompanied with a letter from the dean). that’s a story for another day though. where was i again? oh back to subs and more. joe was asking me questions about myself and for some reason i just blabbed all this crap out about me. how i never used to party but now i party all the time, kind of getting sick of it, my grades suck, my parents are pissed etc. i was so super slick laying out all my issues to this guy i never really actually talked to face to face. i asked him why i never see him at parties. “i don’t like underage drinking”. “CHECK PLEASE” way to go abby this dude things you are INSANE. we sat there for a while longer before he walked me back to my dorm. my roommate dani was waiting and asked me how it went!? “Yea….. he’s never going to call me again”.

the funny thing is he did. there must have been something wrong with him because he called me every day and we hung out more and more. we would go shopping together, coffee, watch movies. nothing ever happened romantically though. i remember telling my friends that if nothing ever happens romantically with joey that it’s ok. maybe it’s not meant to be that way. i said but this is a man who will be in my life forever in one way or another. he’s a wonderful friend.

a few weeks later it was christmas break and i met up with joe to go sledding. ironically we were both from the same hometown but never met so we got to spend all break together. we were right in the middle of sledding when joe was walking back up the hill and a friend tried to wipe him out on the tube. joe ended up getting kicked in the face with a steel toe boot. he was clearly in pain but kept hanging out. his mom even made him still go to night church haha. the next day joe and i met up to do some christmas shopping and at lunch he literally had soup falling out of his mouth that he couldn’t feel. i told him perhaps you should go to the doctor and get that looked at.. sure enough at work that night i had a voicemail “hey…. it’s joe about to go into surgery jaws broke… can’t hang out tonight i’ll call you tomorrow…”

i went over the next day with a get well bag and some ice cream. he ended up with these braces that kept his jaw in place and that’s pretty much the way it was all break (and for the next 6-8 weeks). new years eve we went to a party with a bunch of friends. we ended up driving one of my roommates back to her house and hung out for a bit. after she went to bed it was just us sitting on the couch. for the first time it was kind of awkward..and quiet. all of a sudden he mumbled something through his braces. what? i said? “you like me don’t you”. (smooth joe) faced with a few options i could either say yes dummy i have for like months??!!? or i could play it off like oh uh ya umm … i couldn’t figure out if he was serious or not. what if i ruined our friendship with the wrong answer?

yes of course i like you joe.

no i mean like do you like me like me


yes, i said

do you want to be my girlfriend

yes, i said.

cut to the most awkward third grade kiss through wired shut braces ever. but honestly i wouldn’t have it any other way. we’ve been together ever since january 1, 2006.

when i think about the past eight years time seems so short. when i break it down though i can’t believe all that we have been through together.

we have had rough jobs and great jobs. we have moved from the city to the farm, we work together, live together… we do everything together.

the past few years have been some of the best ever in our relationship despite some of the shit cards we have been dealt. dealing with our miscarriage was one of the toughest times in our lives but one of the strongest moments of our marriage. i do think it’s the really tough times that show you and each other just exactly what you are made of. that time i felt so weak and lost. i had a tremendous amount of guilt as to why my body was failing to give this wonderful man the child he deserved. he was so strong and supportive throughout that entire process. the days when i just couldn’t get out of bed he was there for every second giving me exactly what i needed.

the year that followed was a year of healing. we appreciated each other on such a deeper level and honestly have had one of the best years of our lives. we’ve grown so much together in our marriage and in our faith together. i won’t say that i wouldn’t change anything about our pregnancy journey because i would in a second. but i am grateful for the growth we both have had from it. it has made us so much stronger to take on the issues we’ve had with our second pregnancy.

i can’t believe that in just a few short weeks it will no longer just be him and i. after eight years of marriage together we are letting a little someone else into our family. i am so excited to see joe be a father and us be a family. sure there is a few curveballs but there is nobody stronger i would rather have by my side.

cheers to eight years of marriage and infinity more.

leah mullett photography 


  1. Angelina says:

    Happy anniversary! Mine is today as well, but only 2 years.

  2. Jana Dykstra says:

    ” i remember telling my friends that if nothing ever happens romantically with joey that it’s ok. maybe it’s not meant to be that way. i said but this is a man who will be in my life forever in one way or another. he’s a wonderful friend.”

    Legit said the EXACT same words to my roommate about Dave months before we started dating. And I love the guy. Not only that – I really, really like him and want to spend all of my minutes with him. Seems like you feel the same about Joe, which is awesome – not all married people are like that. You have something special! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Jo Nelson says:

    Cherish everything about your man and your marriage. I lost my husband six years ago after only 11 years of marriage and it’s hell not having him here. Cherish.

  4. congrats! love the wedding picture 🙂

    xo, Maddy

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