farm junk lamp

i have had these farm junk lamps for about a year now that i bought from a friends shop before he closed and it moved to the east side of the state. i actually have a pair of these but two on this little table would be way too much. they’ve been sitting in storage until finally finding a shade (for now). liz had a lamp break at the shop and this one almost fits perfectly. i would like it to be just a smidge bigger but this works for now. i just thought it was such a unique idea for a lamp. and of course because we live on a farm so it fits.

this corner of the entryway can be so dark in the winter. during the spring and summer we have the door open (it’s the side entrance of the house) so it actually gets a lot of light. but in the winter it’s dark dark dark. this little catch all corner needed a little cheering up. i found this table from a picker friend and it was originally meant for pentwater but it was actually a perfect fit for here. it wasn’t too wide and it was the perfect height. i snapped these pictures after of course i cleared off all of the mail and clutter. this seems to be the gathering place for bills and mail we do not want to read right away.

the color of this wood does seem very orange but it was justification for me to paint the wood in the pink back entrance and bathroom (right around the corner from this hallway). one of them had to go and since i felt this one was prettier it got to stay.

there are a few more adjustments i want to make to this hallway. 1. clean the windows and replace the lace curtains. i’m not sure if these windows even need curtains? stay tuned. i would like to also give this hallway a lighter fresh color. maybe a white or a light and airy gray? something to brighten it up and make the wood not look so orange.

i’m not sure either what to do with this stained glass light on the railing. it’s not my taste but i’m not sure if you can just remove it or if you have to put another light there? i get the point of it but it just feels a little out of place to me. this might be the next room (after the nursery) we tackle (oh and after the pink tile bathroom). wait i thought we were talking about a lamp?

see how these things happen?

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