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life on the farm lately has been hot and dry…then dry and hot. but mostly hot and dry. we need rain so bad. honestly the last time we got a decent amount of ran was in early june (like the first or second week) the animals are not please with these 90 degree temperatures either and do not move much from the barn. makes me really glad that although terrible, we did give the sheep a haircut before the heat hit. it’s starting to grow back now it’s so soft and curly and fluffy i just like to pet them (when i catch them)

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bebe our littlest adult sheep is starting to get some tiny horns in. she’s been very active with using them (aka don’t turn your back to her if she’s hungry) (she’s always hungry) she’s a fiesty little gal but she has brief moments where she is incredibly sweet. it’s hard to believe that she is big stanleys twin! the sheep are usually out grazing in the morning and evening and hide out in the barn all afternoon. farley has finally made it as one of the herd members. they have finally accepted him into the fold. it’s funny as he grows he is getting more white wool mixed in with this black wool. he’s still a curious little guy he likes to play with the pigs from the other side of the fence.
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the pigs…are dirty. they make a mess out of everything. they’ve turned their stall into a literal pig sty. can’t blame them though because mud is how they stay cool and right now… they need it. i like to turn the hose on them and watch them run around and play in the water. but must of the day they just chill out and sleep. the guinea hens appreciate all of the flies they attract. it’s a win win for everyone. (ps you can see videos of me giving my pigs a bath on my snapchat (thebadwife)).

hope everyone is staying cool! brace yourselves for the heat wave!
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  1. It’s so hot and hard on the animals..we have fans in the barn for our cows.. love your sheep they are so cute!! Fingers crossed for some.much needed rain!!

  2. Just like the sheep, I’ve been going out early in the morning and late in the evening during these hot days. Lol…isn’t it funny how pigs eat? I can definitely understand the phrase “eating like a pig” – but the babies are SO adorable!!

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