farmers market mornings

on wednesday mornings i’ve had this ritual for a while where i try not to schedule my gym appointments or early morning meetings and i get to the farmers market first thing before work. if i time it right i have about 15-20 minutes of quiet, concentrated shopping time wandering the market. i try to hit up the farmers markets on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays to get food for the coming days. there is something so therapeutic to me about it.

i’m biased and i have my favorites at each market. i always buy an herb plant from the man who wear’s the crocodile dundee hat and has sunscreen on his nose. when you tell him to have a good day he always responds with “lord willing”. he spends the winters playing scrabble with his wife and his summers “wrestling the weeds”. i don’t need an herb each week but i just love talking to him for a few minutes. also because his eyes look just like my late grandpa hoppen it’s just nice to sit and talk for a bit. i also love the ottawa glad growers flowers and how he never wears shoes and is always smiling. are you starting to catch on that i go there for more than the food lol.

it’ just my time to slow down for a bit mid week. life is so busy at times it’s important to slow down and actually take in life you know? yesterday i bought some onions, zucchini, carrots, strawberries, cherries and goat cheese. i was going to make a french onion zucchini casserole but joe had a township council meeting i forgot about. instead i made strawberry juice (canned it!) for a few recipes. apparently you can ferment it into wine and use it as drink mixers. joe has been really wanting to try to make hard cider this fall so i thought let’s do a test run with strawberry wine. see how the fermentation process actually goes. if we end up blind can someone please come and help my type this blog and do my hair? i kid, we are under supervision but still safe than sorry right?

i also used my dehydrator last night to try and dry a quart of sweet cherries for salads. i LOVE dried fruit in my salads. i’m excited to see how they turn out. (they were still in my breville oven this morning when i left). i’m sure it’s much cheaper to just buy a bag but i love the process of figuring out how things work.

the casserole will have to wait until tomorrow night because we have our first birth class tonight. FOR TWO HOURS! the next few weeks we are going to be learning about the many ways the goldfish comes out and hopefully what to do with it when it’s here. all i know is he/she will not be lacking in swaddles. haha. stay tuned!


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