Favorite Flea Finds

YES it’s time for one of my favorite posts to write.

favorite flea finds!

i visited quite a few smaller markets throughout the month of  late april/early may including: allegan flea market, painted farmgirl flea market, zeeland peddlers market, Davisburg flea and some rando estate sales. here are some of my favorite finds and i how i styled them!

i found these amazing little uncle sam glasses while shopping at davisburg. i couldn’t pass these up i had visions of throwing a holiday bbq on the 4th of july and using these somehow in the table decor. they were in perfect condition and only $12 for the set! again, couldn’t resist!

fav flea find 1

sigh. mint pyrex you kill me. i paid a premium for this pile here but again couldn’t pass these up because i’ve never seen the larger pink bowls and i had to buy the entire box. so i did. along with a minty pyrex bowl set that is missing the second largest size and some hazel atlas crinoline bowls. love mint. love pink. oh and in the back you can see a small  butter print casserole dish.   that was an estate sale steal. $10. boom. 
fav flea find 2


the next series of photos in pillow palooza. i’ve seen cora anne designs  at a few different places but never had the opportunity to meet her or purchase her product. she lucky for me, was at the painted farmgirl flea about two weeks ago.

do you remember that scene in bridesmaids where megan takes 9 dogs. that was me with these pillows. 8, i bought 8. i couldn’t (again) resist! you know my love for vintage linens and this fancy lady here makes them into pillows! I NEEDED them. all 8 of them. i’m going to use some (not pictured) in my camper once it’s complete (when i retire in 90 years). but i also bought some for my screen room which i’m in the process of turning into a vintage jungle. all the floral pillows pictured here are cora anne designs

fav flea find 3

fav flea find 4

fav flea find 5

fav flea find 6

fav flea find 7
ok so what is your favorite flea finds lately!?!? email me pics to be featured in the next round! abigail@binksandthebadhousewife.com or post on instagram with the hashtag: #favfleafinds !

happy tuesday!


  1. Melody Malone James says:

    Oh my gosh. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! The glasses are TOO cute! And the pyrex…I’d have bought all they had too. And for the record…one can never have too many pillows…especially when they’re THAT pretty! 🙂

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