finally friday


the rain is tapping on my window and has been since 4:32 this morning. how do i know that. because i’ve been up watching back episodes of portlandia because i couldn’t sleep. whatever i got in some excess pinterest time haha. and like four cups of coffee. oh yea i’m back on coffee. i’m back on coffee hard. jumped right back on that caffeine train i did.

so what is on the agenda this weekend?

basically it’s up in the air with the exception of the zeeland peddlers market in downtown zeeland saturday from 9 – 2pm. jess and i are planning on bringing our campers down and peddling our wares for one more weekend in may! then i’m taking the summer off from shows (as of right now) until the fall so come visit me one last time!

after that i’m not sure what we are going to do. we talked about going to pentwater or sticking at home and getting some work done around the garden and house or… there are two flea markets going on in illinois and ohio that i’m considering taking off too…. the smart part of me is saying stay home and get caught up but i loooooveeee junk! so we shall see.

what are you up to this weekend? are you coming to see us out in zeeland?


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