finally friday garden edition

i love short weeks. 90% of them i love. i feel like i have been boot scoot n boogying all week long from taking those two days off. like running around like an insane crazy woman trying to get things done again before the weekend. working at work, catching up at the store, working in the garden.. busy busy bee!

tonight joe and i are going to a whitecaps game to set up for my big girl jobs “game night” we are going to be hanging out with some of my fellow co workers and promoting the company.

saturday we are  heading up to pentwater to get some work done around the cottage since sadly, we probably won’t be able to get there the next couple of weekends due to work, weddings and other fun events. we are going to finish just a few paneled areas and hopefully get a kickstart on painting and hanging some trip. fingers crossed it goes as smoothly as it’s planned in my head.

sunday is my little newest nephew hudsons baptism so we are heading to church in grand rapids to watch the little guy get baptized and then lunch with the family. the rest of the afternoon will be working in the garden (or playing at this point) and swimming. i am excited for an afternoon home on the weekend. i seriously wish i could clone myself sometimes so i can enjoy my favorite places all at once and for longer haha.

speaking of garden though.. despite having no rain… like seriously NO RAIN i have kept up with my sprinklers and have been watering the garden like crazy. and it’s working. everything i planted seems to be sprouting up and is doing well. the only thing that seems to be on the struggle bus is my squash plants.

but other than that everything is doing well. i planted a few more things in old troughs this year and for the most part that seems to be doing well. some dry out quicker than others which is strange but weed free!

hope everyone enjoys this hot and steamy weekend!


  1. I’m slowly buying watering troughs for my gardening. I currently have four of them, plus three tubs. I love how they pretty much stay weed free. I’ve had great results with how much produce I get from them, too. I grew up on a farm outside of Pentwater and my garden makes me feel like I still have a bit of the farm to feed my soul. I do water my plants most days unless we get some good rain.

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