finally friday

i really should change the title of these posts to “oh really it’s friday?” haha. i didn’t even know it until joe came back into the room wearing jeans. starting next week hopefully i’ll be getting more of a gauge in time because i will be heading back to work on mondays and thursdays while my mom and mother in law take care of otto. it’s going to be hard leaving him for long periods of time but i’m so excited to get back to work. i miss my work, coworkers and all that goes with it.

this weekend though we really do not have any plans. i’m going to see a movie with my mom and sisters tonight and then the rest of the weekend is really up in the air.

i have been really wanting to go to the farmers market for a while and stock up on fall goodies like squash and these amazing fall floral stems from the ottawa glad growers. maybe we’ll bundle up and do that. i’m sure we will be able to mix brunch in there somewhere.

otto did so good yesterday with managing his reflux that i’m hopeful we have a good weekend with him and can take him a little more out and about with out running into crowds. maybe even go to cranes and pick up some apples.

regardless i’m looking forward to a nice long relaxing weekend. 

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