finally friday and garden tour

this week i find myself wishing for just one more day of work week. yea i know i said it. this week i have been buuuusting it out like crazy. things have been busy and that is great but i always hate leaving for the weekend feeling like i have unfinished business. 
so today it’s busting out some last minute projects, packing, grabbing food and heading to pentwater. we are hoping to finish up the bathroom this weekend! we gutted it last weekend (progress photos coming soon) hung half the paneling and now just plugging away at finishing it up. hopefully finish framing it in and maybe MAYBE getting a new shower. the sprayer in the shower is at eye level and sprays you directly in the face. the shower is so so mall that there real is not a place to escape. it will be a nice time of me googling plumbing and joe yelling hugh!? huh!? looking forward to that. 
we are coming home sunday morning to celebrate my grandmas 70th birthday! we are going to have a nice brunch as a family and enjoy the afternoon together and then i might check out the vintage market downtown and can can can FINALLY some strawberries (if i can still get them) this weekend. 
in the meantime, here is another garden tour. this is of my back yard patio. when we bought this house in 2009 it was a foreclosure. were talking the gross kind. dog poop on the carpet, pool burnt down in the back yard. i believe i have said this before but when we bought the house i went into the bathroom and cried because it was so disgusting. but we cleaned it up and made it a home. 
back on track there used to be this lean to pool shed in the back yard. i’m pretty sure it’s where the previous owners store their pot and porn. lovely huh? we called it the meth lab. because well…that is what it looked like. we tore that down the second summer we lived here and put up a patio deck. 
because it was an uneven surface and we did not have the means at the time to pave it, and do everything that patio bricks call for we opted for these recycled tire material rubber flat bricks. they actually worked out amazing. they can be easily lifted and readjusted. plus if you fall they’re rubber which is awesome. we put up a portable gazebo and tons of vintage furniture and flowers and viola! you have a nice little back yard oasis. 
mind you this i pre weeding and mulching 

told you i love crocks made in to planters i was on a bit of a kick one summer

i saw this chair in a country living magazine about 4 years ago. when i found it at an estate sale i about had a heart attack. when i saw the SOLD sticker on it i was crushed. when i saw that it was my friend mark that was the new owner i literally stalked him to his car got on my knees and begged begged begged him to sell it to me. i think i annoyed him enough where he either wanted money or to get rid of me..or both. regardless, i walked away with this chair, an empty wallet and the smell of victory. 

how do you style your back yard? do you have a little oasis? 

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