finally friday beach time

this week has taken it’s toll you guy. i am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. i am not typically an anxious person but for some reason this week of appointments really has me thrown. i don’t really know how to describe it. i think we are just getting closer and closer and the stress of getting things in order mixed with the stress of all the appointments has finally started catching up with us a bit? we decided to take a weekend off. kind of.

we are heading to pentwater tonight to meet up with some friends and grill out on the deck and just relax. saturday joe and are NOT working on the cottage we are going to go kayaking and out to the beach and read a book. we barely did that last summer and both have said we are going to try and do a little more of that. we are hoping to just relax and enjoy pentwater and possibly strategize work there but mostly hang out at the beach. we can’t stay long though because we are heading back in to town for my cousins wedding then heading home home after that.

sunday we are going to do fun stuff around the house. put the crib together, decorate the patio, vacuum the pool and hopefully swim in it. it’s supposed to be getting up to 90 degrees and i need that pool open.

i hope you all have a great and restful weekend!


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