finally friday birthday edition

happy friday everyone!

i love that this is the second weekend in a row we are getting beautiful weather. i woke up this morning and the birds were chirping and the sun was shining during chores. it was the best. even better yet? joe and i took a vacation day. it’s his birthday this weekend and we are going to relax and have fun and just enjoy each others company.

tonight we are going out for dinner to celebrate the end of the work week. tomorrow we are going shopping for baby stuff. YIKES. we’ve been touring daycares and nurseries that it’s time to do a little more fun stuff. not that touring nurseries isn’t fun it’s just not as fun as touring real estate. (i can’t be the only one who loves looking at real estate?!) anyway we are going shopping for nursery stuff and might even begin to put together some registry items. we just have to figure out what exactly to put on that registry….

sunday we are making the rounds with family to celebrate easter. we are going to church in the morning and then to joe’s parents for lunch and my parents for dinner. rumor has it my nephew is getting a bunny for easter so that should be a fun evening. pretty much just a low key weekend celebrating my baby daddy’s birthday and the resurrection of our Lord. i guess that’s a pretty full weekend!


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