finally friday clean up edition

ok it’s finally friday and this weekend is here and my goal this weekend is to clean up my house. we’ve been moving things around and tearing down wallpaper, hmmm and hawing over projects around the house and now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

tonight we are going out for dinner with some friends to itty bitty bar. I’ve been craving the burrito all week and finally am going to get me one (half) (i swear i’ll only eat half) (i mean really that thing is the size of a toddler so i should only eat half). portion control.

tomorrow morning i am heading into the shop and hanging out there for sure in the morning and we shall see how long in the afternoon. the gals and i are back to rotating weekends but it’s been so busy lately i don’t know if i’ll be able to leave. even if i don’t, not mad about it. saturdays are the best days to be there. especially if you get there early enough in the morning and it’s so quiet and i can drink my coffee and blast michael jackson radio as loud as i want before 10am.

after the shop i’m heading home and joe and i are probably just going to take it easy. this is the weekend i’m going to officially start taking down my christmas decorations and getting my house ready for spring. it’s not time for spring decor but it is time for it to be not christmas. i’ve accepted it and i’m going to be a big girl and clean my house. who knows i might even de clutter while i’m doing it.

sunday will probably be about the same thing (i have a lottttttt of decor up). don’t judge. but i am excited to continue on working on things like the pink bathroom. (wallpaper be darned).

sunday night we are heading over to my friend aimee and brandons house for a super bowl party. you know you are 30 when the night revolves around bringing a brisket over to test out brandons new smoker. lol. so a fairly ambitious weekend.

game on!

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