finally friday girls weekend

this week flew by. like i’m sitting here going … seriously? it’s really friday already? how? don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining but woah. fast folks.

tonight we are going out for dinner with my pal shawn and her husband to rustica in kalamazoo. just getting a little pasta, a little cheese and no wine. (boo) but i’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned this place a gagillion million times… its delightful. it’s right in downtown kalamazoo and is just about 15 tables super quaint little dinner spot. the food is absolutely fantastic and if you go with just a party of two you might get sat right in front of the open kitchen which is like free entertainment because you just watch the chef cook dish after dish. it’s amazing. oh come on i can’t be the only one who thinks thats sweet.

tomorrow morning i’m swinging by the shop before heading to my parents house. my mom and sister and i are heading to chicago for a little girls weekend. we are going to go shopping! mostly clothes shopping. i’m starting to get to the point where my normal pants and fitted dresses are well.. fitting a little tighter. i just need a few things to get me to the next phase. yikes. i also wouldn’t mind stopping at a couple of home places but i have to convince the crew. i’m dying to go back to jaysen home. i haven’t been there in over a year. it is seriously one of the most beautiful home stores i’ve ever been to. and i have a home. so i need stuff for it right? right.

we are going to be shopping in chicago all day saturday and making our way home by sunday afternoon. sunday night joe and i will probably make some dinner and watch tv like we do every sunday night. and that pretty much sums up our weekend. i’m excited for a little getaway!


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