finally friday holiday weekend

so i guess you blink in may and open your eyes to the fourth of july holiday weekend already. i wrote on instagram this morning that i’ve been hearing a phrase lately that “the days are long but the years are short” i disagree. everything just seems to be going so fast. the days, the hours, the minutes. i’ve been trying really hard to make my days intentional but it seems the more i try to savor the more they just slip through my fingers. maybe i feel that way because my week was totally smashed up like the back of my moms van on monday lol. that throws things off a bit.


regardless, i’m looking forward to a nice long relaxing weekend. tonight we are selling off three of our new lambs to our friends liz and jose. it’s bittersweet because i love seeing them at our farm. and the twins are so funny and my little bottle baby but they are going to do so good at their farm. liz will take good care of greedy gus and the twins. after that we are going to be heading to pentwater for a few days possibly stopping at my parents cottage. we are hoping to get a bit of work done but also going to hang out at the beach. we want to hang the other ceiling fan, hang the lights and while joe is doing that i’ll paint the trim. shouldn’t be too much (famous last words). but i’m looking forward to getting some beach and reading time in.

we have to work on monday (and I couldn’t get out of my non stress test at the hospital) so we are coming back in for that. which is ok with me because it’s nice to not get so far behind at home. i’m looking forward to a little garden time and nesting. aka putting away all of the baby stuff.

fourth of july i’m going to go to a flea market with my pal kristin and then home for a bit probably to swim and garden and then up to my parents for dinner on their deck. we bought my mom an outdoor pizza oven for her birthday and this weekend it’s going to make it’s big debut.

sounds complicated but it’s jam packed with everything that i just love to do.

have a happy and safe fourth of july friends.

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