finally friday home sweet home

ahhhhhhh home sweet home. i love to travel and explore new places but there is truly no place like home. honestly i think i write that sentence every time i get back from a trip but it is so so true. the second you open the door to your house… the smells, the familiarity rushes back and you just feel safe and… well home. it might just be the best part of traveling, arriving home. especially if your husband picks up the house before you get home lol.


last night my flight got in at 12am on the dot. i have to be downtown for a meeting at 8:30 this morning so it’s time to hit the ground running. i plan on doing absolutely nothing tonight..unless orders for the store come in and i want to get them on the floor asap.

tomorrow i’m hoping to go picking around to some of my favorite antique stores on the east side and then head into the store in the afternoon. i am probably going to spend some time there tonight, it’s like a child you miss! but i definitely want to hang out there for a bit saturday afternoon.

saturday night i don’t have any plans with the exception of taking it easy. we might go out for dinner or stay in. either way after a few days of being gone i just want to be a little lazy.

sunday we will probably head to church and then the ladies of the family are taking my grandma to see the sound of music at broadway grand rapids. it’s my mom’s favorite and my grandma loves any type of musical. we will probably go out for coffee and dessert after and then head home.

that is about the extent of my weekend. feels good to be back!

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