finally friday housework edition

is it really friday already? does anyone else feel like this has been the longest shortest week ever?  i feel like i have so much still to get done but when i think back to monday it seems like ages ago! it was an absolutely gorgeous week though and the forecast looks just as great. we don’t have a ton planned for this weekend because we’ve been gone so much. i think we are aiming to be a part of the stay home club.

tonight we will probably take it easy and grab dinner around saugatuck (joe is craving fish tacos) and call it an early night. even though i’ve been getting solid nights sleep i still wake up just feeling exhausted so an early night sounds good to gear up for the weekend. well… all this after we put my bee hive box out by the garden in preparation for my bee’s saturday.

saturday morning i have to go pick up my bees at great lakes bee supply in galesburg then bring them home and put them into the hive. you guys… i’m so fricken excited to finally have bees out by my garden. i have a few last minute bits of research to do before tomorrow morning but i’m confident i know what i’m doing at least to start. after that i will head into the shop and work a bit with the girls and hang out. it’s so much fun being there on saturdays. i missed it being out of town last week. then i’ll probably head home and do some more work out in the yard with joe. we are going to be focusing on the pool area and ripping out all the weeds and dead landscaping. saturday night is still up in the air but i’m guessing we will both be a bit tired and taking it easy after such a busy day.

sunday we are going to watch my sister run her half marathon and then out for brunch. after that we talked about going up to pentwater for a bit or continuing on in the backyard pending how far we get saturday afternoon.

ps. still no betty lambs. fingers crossed for this weekend!

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