finally friday nesting edition

this weekend i’ll be officially “nesting” maybe? i’m sure i’ll squeeze it in somewhere. we’ve actually been chipping away at things all summer so we are kind of nearing the end of getting everything ready. tonight we are heading to a company outing at the whitecaps (baseball) game. I’m so grateful that it’s not 90 degrees and we can enjoy the cool summer night watching the game (oh and that my feed won’t explode from water retention).

i’m just grateful that my husband has survived birth class. last night was all about caring for the baby after birth. we (he) learned everything from feeding to swaddling to changing a diaper. he was a little adverse to it at first but I think he warmed up nicely to our little plastic/rubber baby.

saturday morning i’m hoping to wake up a little early and weed the last few rows of my garden before heading to the farmers market and into the shop to get it ready for saturday. saturday mornings at the shop are the best. right before everything opens it’s quiet and cool and you can sip your coffee and get things ready for a (hopefully) busy weekend. after that i am going to hit up a few antique stores before heading home to DIY a changing table that came from wayfair for the goldfish. i was going to buy a dresser version but i ended up loving the dresser we got from joe’s grandma and the original color of it. so i’m just going to adjust a few things on the stand version i bought from wayfair. stay tuned. i’m not usually a DIYer.

after that i’ll probably organize and put away all of the teeny tiny laundry i did for the goldfish and get the nursery as ready as it can be! we are thinking about just staying home and cooking dinner together and enjoying the night. otherwise i might try to convince joe to take me to rustica in kalamazoo…stay tuned.

sunday morning we are heading to church and maybe out to brunch. after that my friend leah is coming by to take some maternity pics and then who knows what the rest of the weekend will bring! we are just going to soak it in and enjoy it!

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