finally friday out and about

it’s finally friday and with seriously zero plans this weekend i’m anxious to get out and about. just where to i’m not sure. there are no fleas or antique shows going on (that i know of) and the weather is going to be blasted cold to be working outside… so what i’m going to do i’m not so sure.

i’m guessing that tonight joe and i will go out for dinner somewhere. honestly i’m craving salt of the earth. it’s been a while since we’ve gone (at least 3 weeks) and i’m itching to fill up on my farmers green salad. i have a few errands to run after work and i’ll probably also swing by the store to get ready for saturday. we will have to see how many orders come in. i’ve pretty much been doing that every night this week. we’ve had so many new lines come in for the shop i’ve been anxious to get them all out!

saturday i’m thinking i’ll probably swing into the shop like i always do and then maybe i’ll go out picking a bit? i would go to chicago this weekend but joe and i are going to go there in a few weeks for his birthday so no sense in going right now unless it was for a flea market and there just isn’t one going on this weekend.

sunday i’m either going to go to the east side of the state for some shopping (because you know how much i need to be shopping right? yea no) or committing myself to working on the  pink tile bathroom.

either way i’m looking forward to a nice weekend of no plans and an opportunity to get some stuff done.

hope everyone has a great weekend!


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