finally friday roll with it

it’s finally friday folks and i could about kiss the ground it walks on (unless it goes into a public restroom, or any restroom for that matter). this has been a week of just rolling with the punches you know? I had everything scheduled out and it just didn’t happen. meetings popping up, things taking longer than normal, phone issues, computer issues. if this week were a sheet of crisp white computer paper i would ball it up and toss it over my shoulder into the garbage.

so here i am at 7am at my shop catching up on the things i thought i was going to do this week before i head in to the office. have no fear though, i have gangster rap blasting and i’m here to get $hit done and enjoy my weekend.

today we are enrolling the goldfish in daycare which just seems insane because i don’t even have their nursery done but at least they will have a place to hang out while i’m at work. after that joe and i have a wedding in grand rapids.

saturday we are debating about going to pentwater and having a final paint party and getting one last coat on everything or staying home and working around the farm. it’s a toss up really. whichever we decide to do we will probably spend saturday and sunday doing the same thing. i know it sounds bleh but i actually really love doing house projects. especially ones that yield big results.

i hope everyone has an enjoyable restful fruitful weekend!


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