finally friday shop gal round 2

it’s finally friday! this week FLEW by didn’t it!? maybe it’s because i’m in robot mode work store home work store home. this week has been a lot better though being open compared to what it was like getting the store ready to open. have i said yet that i’m just so excited for the shop to finally be back open? if not, i’m so excited that the store is finally back open. haha.

shop gal round 2


tonight i have to run some errands on my way home. boring ones like groceries and a return. then i think joe and i are going to go out for dinner. we are going to try to go to the new place in allegan, redtail 412. i am so excited to have a place to go nearby our house! pending wait times we will either go there or 4 roses (also a good allegan ish choice if you are ever out yonder this way).

then saturday it’s back at it for this shop girl. I can’t believe that it’s going to be 50 degrees this weekend! what a nice little break before we get a second dumping of snow. i’m totally not complaining. i realize that it is still mid january and we should be freezing our butts off. i’m fine with more snow as long as it doesn’t impact me driving to wherever i want to go. if the snow could work around my schedule that would be awesome. i don’t think it works that way though.

after working the shop joe and i are meeting up with our friends brandon and aimee for a long overdue dinner date at the salt of the earth. i haven’t been there in a month and the farmers green salad is calling my name. (please note how my weeks revolve around home – work – store and my weekends revolve around home – store – food).

sunday afternoon joe and i were going to head up to pentwater but decided we should maybe use this snow free weekend to get some stuff done around the house. he is going to finish touching up the living room paint (i know i know) and hang light switch covers and vents etc and i am going to start peeling wallpaper in the pink tile bathroom. i promise. and maybe start taking down a few pieces of christmas decorations.

that pretty much sums everything up! i hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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