finally friday stay local club

this weekend i’m going to be a part of the stay local club. no pentwater, no cross state flea market trips… i don’t think. just staying home or at least close to home and working around the house. tonight joe has to work so i’ll probably be at the shop a little later working on getting product out on the floor for the rest of the weekend. i might make a trip out to the breton village area because i haven’t been there in ages and i need some goodies from sur la table and might have to peek my head in to the other shops.

tomorrow is my day to be shop girl so i’ll head to the found cottage in the morning and get the shop ready for the day and hang out working. probably getting more product out on the floor. at night i think i’m going to stay home and make dinner. chill out, pull weeds, re arrange things in the house who knows. i would like to get some antiquing in but not sure about when that will happen. stay tuned.

sunday is the first annual hoppen palooza. it’s my brother, nephew and grandmas birthday and then of course it’s fathers day. we are going to the grill house in allegan and then spending the afternoon out by the pool hanging out and opening presents. hopefully it’s not 90 and hopefully it’s not storming. that would put a bit of a damper on hoppen palooza.

at night we are jut hanging out weather dependent we might go sit out by the beach. just a low key hanging out type of weekend.

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