finally friday after the storm

last night was one of the craziest nights of sleep/non sleep i’ve had in a while. first we came home to a blazing stuffy house because we had to close all the windows and then i kept waking up to the oddest labor dreams. not because i was particularly freaked out from class (surprisingly i wasn’t) but i think it’s because we just talked about it for three hours that it was stuck in my brain. then around 3am i woke up to what i thought in my sleep was joe flicking the lights on and off (delirious) but it was the most insane lightening storm i’ve ever seen. like no thunder, pouring rain and just a continuous streak of lightening. it was just crazy! suprisingly though we did not lose power? however the further north we drove into work the worse things got. trees down, power out, garbage blown everywhere.. it was insane. i’m grateful that for once we are the ones that kept power although i would love for it to come back on at my shop.

so happy friday and may those without power have it restored soon. our estimated date for restoration at the shop is sunday night. fingers crossed that is WRONG.

tonight joe and i are going to work around the house and probably make dinner at home. it’s been a long busy week and i don’t think we have eaten at home once. we are going to make a vegetable lasagna from veggies i picked up at the farmers market and probably just do things like laundry and decluttering around the house.

tomorrow power permitting i’m heading into the shop to open and get it ready for the day. then after that joe and i are going to be busting it out again around the house. we want to get the chickens out grazing because they’re finally big enough, we have to check on some health things with the sheep and then finish weeding some of the garden. i would love to get some decorating done too. i have a pile of some awesome flea market finds that i’ve been dying to put out. this is all swollen feet pending. my time on them is limited because they literally get so big i can’t bend them. no worries though i’m going to the doctor three times a week and each time my blood pressure and health is good so it’s just summer swelling. my shoes miss me i think.

sunday we are going to have a day of actual rest. i am going to can some things, go to church and then joe and i are going to brunch and shopping for baby. we need a few more “essentials” and haven’t had a chance to do any of that yet together so hoping sunday afternoon to spend some time together doing that and just relaxing.

hope you all have a good weekend (and say a little prayer that power is restored!)

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