finally friday giving thank you

i cannot even put into words the amount of gratitude joe and I have for all of the messages, texts and comments that were filled with encouragement, prayers and well wishes for our little babe. you made yesterday and all of this somewhat bearable.

i honestly didn’t know how i was even going to go about my day yesterday other than making the step to get out of bed and share with you what was going on. there was not a single second that went by that one of us did not get a note of encouragement or prayer and it just kept us going.

all of you who wrote in and shared your personal stories of similar situations it was so helpful to talk to you and learn about your journeys, the paths you took and the way God has blessed you and your family.

i woke up with just an absolute pit in my stomach but as the day went on i felt an overwhelming sense of peace wash over me and i can’t help but know that it was because of all of your prayers.

so thank you thank you thank you thank you and thank you again. please keep praying. i know that prayer has the power to heal and again we are so grateful for you including us in yours.

this weekends focus is going to be keeping ourselves active and busy and positive.

tonight we are going to get groceries for the week (real eventful but helps to have a plan) and probably go out for dinner.

saturday i have a bridal shower for my new cousin kari and what a beautiful day to celebrate it will be! after that i’m debating about doing a little house decor shopping or just coming home to work around in the yard. we really have no other plans than that so we will see what the day brings.

sunday is mothers day and we are going to go out for brunch with my family and then stop by joe’s house and then joe and i will just probably enjoy the day together.

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend and again, we are so grateful for this amazing community. you amaze me.


  1. Marla Voorhies says:

    I am coming into your journey a little late but my heart is heavy for you and Joe. It’s really hard to see the good plan so often in our lives. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to just move one foot in front of the other and cry out God I believe you still love me…help my unbelief! I’ll be praying for the 3 of you.

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