finally friday up in the air

it’s finally friday again! and this weekend is kind of totally up in the air. this morning i woke up bright and early and headed off to the gym before stopping into the office and driving up to cadillac for the grand opening of one of my big girl jobs stores. then heading back down to the office to get some things before the weekend then heading into the store to close up shop.

tomorrow morning i am heading in to be shop girl and staying however long i’m needed. depending if i have more product arriving today i might be there a tad on the early side. i’m not sure what our plans are at night. we really didn’t make any this weekend which is kind of nice.

sunday is weather dependent there is a show/flea i want to go to down in indy but 1.) it’s a 3.5 hour drive 2.) it’s supposed to snow. i’m fully confident to pull a trailer but i’m scared to pull it in snow. my truck judy is a trust gal but sometimes her lack of four wheel drive gets the best of me. (ps who makes trucks with now four wheel drive?) (gmc does). if we do not go out picking i might stay home and continue to plug away on taking down holiday decor and of course the dreaded wallpaper in the pink tile bathroom.

sounds like a real eventful weekend huh? anything fun and exciting i’m missing out on?

happy friday!


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