finally friday yard work edition

guess what this weekend is going to be….. 70 degrees and SUNNY! what an absolute blessing because you know what this weekend is also going to be…. yard work weekend! that’s right you heard it here folks joe and abby are actually going to try and have their lawn cleaned up before July this year!

we want to get these projects outside done before it’s REALLY nice out and we want to swim in the pool. (that is why nothing got done until like July last year) we are going to seize the opportunity for this nice break in weather to get things done around the house. garbage, sticks, mulch everything that gets conveniently hidden by snow during the winter. getting picked up.

tonight though i think we are both game for a nice dinner out at salt of the earth. we have been just exhausted from work this week. everything has just seemed so hectic and busy. i’m ready for a nice quiet slow down tonight.

saturday like i said it’s turbo yard work day. depending on how much we get done here we might start painting trim and bring it up to pentwater and just fiddle around there for the day. the house there needs one more coat of paint but that might have to wait for turbo paint weekend. (sounds more exciting if you add turbo to the beginning of it).

regardless of how far we get i’m just excited for an opportunity to get going outside and have it be a little warm!

happy friday everyone!

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