Five things to talk about

it’s crazy to think that in 2009 i was newly married and started this little blog and was mostly about shopping. this little corner of the internet has grown and changed and morphed over the years just as i have.

every few years i do a complete overhaul of the site. this version is going on 4 years now and it’s time for a change. i’m a 30 something now, mom, farmer, gardner, foodie and still a shopaholic. i tried the minimalist thing for a day or so. didn’t work out so hot.

i find myself drifting between things i want to talk about because as much as being a mom is so much of my life now i still have other passions that go along with it. so that is why i’m reaching out to you today. if you could see five topics on this blog what would they be? they can be as broad or specific as you like. my goal is once the new blog is done to write at least 3 times a week. before otto was born this is how i got my day started, my creative juices flowing. as he grows older and gets on more of a schedule i find myself being able to get back into a rhythm of writing.

thank you so much to those who have followed me since the beginning and thank you to all of the beautiful new faces that have joined in. your support and encouragement just proves over and over again to me that there is so much good in this world and even on the internet.

ok five things… GO!


  1. Gardening, cooking, styling your home, shopping, and of course Otto!!

  2. I would love to hear about your favorite restaurants in the Grand Rapids area and along with that some of your favorite antique shops and what you like to look for when you go.

  3. Collecting
    Your beautiful home

    Maybe ways you can help other family with fragile or medical issues or that are rare raise awareness for their sweet babes too! ❤️

  4. Samantha Jelsema says:

    Abby I’ve been reading your blog for years, probably since 2009 when you started. I started reading for your content and I’ve continued reading because of your personality(and also still your content). You are hilarious and honestly, I could read whatever you have to write about but here are my 5 favorites!

    Otto of course(how can he not be everybody’s favorite?)
    Antique finds/hauls
    Design at your farmhouse/Pentwater

    I also really like when you share your favorite places in the GR area. Favorite restaurants, stores, flea markets, etc!

  5. Michele Williams says:

    Farm life, antiques, Otto, recipes, the found cottage, diy

  6. 1. Otto
    2. Gardening
    3. Antiquing
    4. Cooking
    5. Otto’s words of wisdom for the day!!
    PS you’re doing great on the mom thing!! Being a mom of special needs is pretty special ❤️

  7. 1. Ottos heart journey
    2. Your daily life as a working mom
    3. Your fashion style
    4. The farm
    5. The Penthouse

  8. Tammi TerAvest says:

    Your farm
    Found cottage
    Your fashion
    Your cooking

  9. 1. Otto / mom life / everything that goes with a little one
    2. Gardening
    3. Antiquing / collections
    4. Farm / House
    5. You – can’t forget about you!

  10. I personally love reading about lifestyle (date nights, your little man, weekending, cabin, etc), I really love reading about your garden and florals, canning, cooking, and would love to read more about your shop (inspiration, local makers, styling, all that fun stuff). Excited to see what new-ness is to come!

  11. Your animals/farm
    Progress with therapies and medical things for Otto
    Time management

  12. 1. Otto
    2. Otto
    3. Otto
    4. Otto
    5. Otto

  13. 1. Otto
    2. How you Juggle being a working mom and a wife
    3. Antiquing
    4. Farm life
    5. And your sheep

  14. Otto/Mom Life
    Farmhouse life/style

  15. Kelly Robutz says:

    1. Otto
    2. Your dogs and farm life
    3. Collecting, shopping, decorating
    4. Your great cooking abilities and showcasing them….love that
    5. All things Vintage

  16. Thrifting.
    All things Otto.


  17. I want to hear what is on your mind. That is what brings me to your blog everyday! I love Karen’s list, which is more of what you do now. I love the natural flow of your blog which is beautiful. I love everything you post. You could post about folding laundry and I would be captivated!!

  18. Otto Craig
    Ok I adore Otto obviously but I love when you go antiquing, gardening and any old thing. Hey do you know of any lakefront cabins along Lake Michigan thats dog friendly xoxo

  19. Beth Bricker says:

    Hmm…in no particular order.
    1. Life with Otto, daily trials and tribulations
    2. Shopping, both antique finds and shops
    3. Decorating and styling your home
    4. The Found Cottage and cool things there
    5. Favorites- shops, clothing, recipes, blogs etc.

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