flea finds

lately you guys… i have been having just meh finds at the flea markets i’ve been to. last weekends was terrible. i drove like 3 hours to find a wire rack and a small table. more and more people are trying to pass off new items as “vintage” and “antique”. look, there is nothing wrong with the new made to look old. nothing at all. i love it because i don’t have to clean it. i just don’t like it when people try to pass it off as old. you know? i did have some luck a few weekends ago at allegan. while i usually shop for the store i have been going trying to find some key pieces for my house. these are just some of my latest flea finds.
flea findsi bought the green cabinet thinking it would be a nice storage piece to replace the entryway table. stay tuned because that might change after i get it measured. it was just too chippy and beautiful to leave behind and you know how i feel about green lately.

i paid wayyyyy too much for these vintage water skis but COME ON they are plaid! how could would they be hung on the wall at pentwater. i’m going to plaid bomb the crap out of that place as soon as we get the trim and floors put in. i feel once those are in i can finally start decorating the place. the paint by number moose might be making his way into there too. i have mostly deer paint by numbers but the moose will be a good mix. and of course the plaid cooler. couldn’t pass that up even though i have like 30 million of them in my hoard i couldn’t pass up this mind condition green one. the people i bought it from said it was still in the box when they found it but it had been in storage for so long the cardboard just disintegrated. which is kind of gross but didn’t deter me from purchasing it.

flea find this rack of antlers was only $10 which i thought was too cheap to leave behind and if you saw my last post, you never know when antlers might come in handy. i’m thinking i’m going to do a gallery wall of them somewhere. i want to do them in the staircase going up to the bedroom but i’m scared to put nail holes in the wall in case i end up not liking it lol.

the metal 7 i was told came from an old gas price sign. since i work for a chain of convenience stores it seemed like a good purchase. plus the number 9 and number 7 are my favorite numbers. right now i just have it on my entryway table propped up as part of a little vignette but it might find a new home here in the entryway once i’m done painting it.

flea finds

i caved and finally bought a tobacco basket but i bought this one with a handle. it works great for when i go out to my garden to cut flowers. i can take them in without crushing them in one of my garden buckets or bags. they lay nice and flat.

one of the most unusual purchases (for me at least) was this bundle of sweet annie. i don’t buy things like this at flea and antique shows. i’m pretty die hard authentic only junker. but this woman had buckets and buckets of them and after walking by them four or five times the sweet sweet smell of them go to me and i had to take home a bundle. i hung them upside down in the stairway and every time you walk by them you get this whiff of sweet grass. it sounds weird but it’s intensely amazing. and that is about it for now. anybody else having luck or is it just me coming up empty lately?


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