flea market finds

happy almost holiday weekend!

i love coming back from vacation only to get another short little holiday vacation! why is it that just one extra day off makes such a difference? i don’t know. i never really get a lot of extra chores done..just usually have more fun.

it’s been a while since i have shared some of my latest finds with you. this is an accumulation of a couple sales, flea markets and my friends booths at painted farmgirl in hudsonville. some of it i’m keeping some of it i’m selling. not sure yet though!

i found these little stag horns at my friend kelley’s annual garage sale. i’m such a sucker for antlers but i particularly loved the shape of the wood backing mount. it reminds me of an old campy lodge. i might be taking these to pentwater if not, they will be heading to painted farmgirl!


this wooden column base came from allegan. i am in love with it but seriously, it smells so rancid. i’m not sure how i’m going to clean this thing but i thought it would look awesome in the middle of my dining table with some other vintage nonsense piled on top of it. as usual can’t say no to pyrex or glassware. both of those bad boys will be heading to my space at PFG!


the metal industrial tables came from another flea market. i love the chippy blue paint on top. they are going to make awesome outdoor table or i might use them inside as night stands. the only downside to using them as nightstands is the obvious lack of storage.

the sap buckets came from my friend faiths booth at painted farmgirl. in my opinion, they are a total score at just $12 a piece. usually even at flea markets they are around $19-22 for authentic vintage sap buckets. how cute would they be to hold flower arrangements?

that is it for now. i  have found a few other smalls here and there but this is the “good stuff” so far. what have you found lately?!


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