freckle farm primitives

you know those stores that you stalk on the social sites and dream about going to and shopping. lusting after each product that they post? (come on, it CAN’T be just me). well that was how i felt about freckle farm primitives in la porte, indiana. one rainy morning she posted a white and navy canister set. and i was like … that’s it! i can’t drive to indiana for a canister set….can i?

oh i totally did.

i strapped otto in to the car and made the 1.5 hour trip south to krystals beautiful shop. it was worth every mile. krysyal has some of the most amazing antiques and primitives i have ever seen and they are super affordable. I’m sorry but it’s nearly impossible to find an 8 foot harvest table for under $1000 (freckle farm has 2). i wasn’t after anything big but i did snag my canister set as well as some other fun small decor pieces (and some jadeite).

i have been the crazy on instagram for a while that has bugged her about items and shipping (she shipped me those leather chaps for ottos playroom). but it was lovely to finally meet such a wonderful person face to face as well as be able to get lost in her beautiful shop.

if you are thinking of making the drive here are some details about her shop. you will NOT be disappointed.


  1. Kim @IrishmanAcres says:

    That’s how I feel about The Found Cottage, but I really want to come up (about 7 hr drive) when I know I’d get to meet you and Liz also, on top of buying ALL THE THINGS! Haha

  2. One day some day, I hope you make a drive to Louisville Ky. Its a barn. No heat or air, hopefully soon . I love your ig feed . We laugh and giggle at precious Otto. We are fans for sure. Keep doing what you do Miss binks

  3. Lori K Vander Clay says:

    I live 20 minutes from LaPorte!!

  4. Freckle Farm Primitives and Antiques says:

    Dear Abby I apologize for just now seeing this post. Girl you put a tear in my eye and I’m so humbled by this. I thank you for taking the time and for your kind words. An hour and a half ain’t nothing for us junk girls! Lol I can’t wait to come up one day and see your beautiful shop and see all your goods. Thank you again Abby!

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