from the garden

i’m on a bit of a garden kick this week. it’s just been going so good! i think this seriously, the best garden i have ever had in terms of produce.

the best part of having a garden (other than eating what you’ve grown) is cooking roulette. you never know what is going to be ready the night you need it. last night we had an abundance of yellow and green summer squashes. i also picked up a few treasures from the market which i was pretty excited to cook up.

i had a couple hours to myself last night because joe decided to engage in the j & h kickball game. i took advantage. i baked up tart cherry scones, a three berry galette and an onion rice and zucchini gratin for dinner.

i am a dang good wife.

i love the mid summer berry season. i mean yea we lose strawberries right off the bat but we still get blueberries, raspberries, currents and cherries all at once! and there is so much you can do with it! some of the recipes i whipped from my ol kanoodle and some recipes i snagged from my newest cookbook addition. have you been to before? it’s all beautiful pictures of food and recipes. (like pinterest for just food). they released a new cookbook called genius recipes. and lemme tell you, the recipes are just that… genius. last night i made the Julie Child onions, squash and rice gratin. it was so simple and refreshing and seriously used like 7 ingredients. (parmesan, squash, onions, garlic, EVOO, rice, milk, S&P) it was absolutely heavenly. i’ll post the recipe later. it was also post kickball joe approved.

what are your go to summer produce recipes?


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