garden progress

why is it so much easier to grow weeds than flowers or vegetables. i swear if weeds were of value i would be a millionaire. i’ve weeded my garden almost every other day (in sections because it’s huge) and it always seems to fricken grow back over night while my little intentional plants just ease their way along.
garden 1i got carried away again. who?  me? never would have guessed. BUT you see my seeds took twice as long to germinate than normal so i bought other plants just in case well now i have flats and flats and flats and i feel guilty not planting them so every night my garden gets just a little bit bigger. woops.
garden 2by carried away i mean over 30 tomato plants, 60 zinnias and countless other varieties i just had to have. dahlias, sunflowers, squash, eggplant, peppers the list goes on and on and on.
garden 3

i did set my garden up a few different ways this year to accommodate all these babies as well as rotate where i planted them last year. last year i planted the rows parallel with my garden beds. this year i did short rows perpendicular to the beds (all veggies) then i did perpendicular rows off of that with flowers. so i have it sectioned off into all these mini gardens with aisles big enough to walk through with a tiller. i know you are not supposed to do that but we are still dealing with hay that wants to keep coming back into the garden.
garden 4

i’m dealing with an intenser than usual rabbit problem this year. those a-holes have mowed down a few zinnias and the only thing that seems to be working is marigolds which i didn’t plant enough of at first. i hate rabbits. sorry to those who have them as pests. to me that is like keeping a woodchuck as a friend. no. no garden pests as pets in my world.

just a few more things to plant and we can move on to garden maintenance for the summer!

garden 5



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