garden progress


for some reason this year my garden is under full force attack from weeds and deer. last year rabbits, this year deer. and as majestic as they are i would like to exterminate them for mowing down my squash, tomatoes and zinnias. i went out to snap these pics this morning and i found deer hoof tracks everywhere. they’ve got to go. not welcome here. take your tick infested bodies and be gone!

as previously stated this years garden is a bit ebb and flow. i started with straight lines and perfect manicured and mulched plants but as my seedlings kept popping up i kept finding a place for them. there are three things that seem to do well straight into my clay soil. tomatoes, zinnias and zucchini. the more sensitive plants went into feed troughs and raised beds. so far everyone seems to be growing well despite the weed situation.

this is my last year trying peppers. no matter where i am, what garden i plant them in my peppers never seem to go well. if these buddies don’t take off…then this is the last year i will grow peppers in my garden. does anyone have trouble growing peppers in their michigan garden? i didn’t even bother with bell peppers i stuck with poblanos (which i can eat like candy) and jalapeños (which i can eat like candy when they are stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon). they are hanging in there and taking up an entire garden bed but just don’t seem to be taking off like the rest of my plants. i kind of want to punch them. (but not if i’m eating stuffed jalapeños in july)

i’m an impatient person. (bet you would have never guessed that) and i need instant gratification when it comes to my garden. i always like to slip in some chard or kale just to keep me happy until i can really start collecting veggies and flowers. i planted rainbow chard this spring and tonight i’m going to wrap a goat cheese and walnuts in it, wrap it in proscuitto and grill it. my. mouth. is. watering. and this morning i had exactly the amount of leaves that i needed.
the biggest surprise so far is my peony poppies. i planted these last year and gathered them all summer long. new flower gardener here didn’t realize that they spread and come back. i have poppies all over the garden! i don’t even care i left them. i know they are going to keep spreading like crazy but i loooooove them and they are already blooming so i left them all be. i’m going to try and bag up some seeds to share with friends. it’s insane how many poppy seeds are in one flower head. does anyone know if all poppy seeds are edible? i have nightmares about eating them and having poppies grow out from my stomach. similar to swallowing watermelon seeds. i know it’s like impossible but you know. don’t want to be eating poisonous seeds.


see what i mean!!?!? look at all the weeds growing around my tomato plants. i mulched all around them and it  seemed to keep the weeds from kreeping up around my plants. has anyone used hay or straw instead of woodchip/mulch?  at least things are growing!



  1. I’m not in Michigan, but I have never had luck with peppers, so I stopped growing them. After all of the many things I’ve tried – greens, sugar snap peas, peppers, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, squash… I have whittled my summer garden down to 12 grape tomato plants and some crappy strawberries that came back from last year. I only have a 10×10 garden, though – if I had one the size of yours I’d be doing all of those other things, too. But not peppers.

    Have you considered putting landscaping fabric down before you plant? I did that this year and a thick layer of mulch and I have zero weeds. None. And my tomatoes don’t appear to be getting blight, although it may be too early to determine that.

  2. Chasity says:

    I live in Southeast Missouri and we have trouble with our clay soil as well. Try Epsom Salt for your peppers. It usually helps.

  3. Elma Riedstra says:

    My garden is not doing well this year:( drives me crazy.. My hubby said the ground is to hard?? Poppies I want to grow those and I don’t think you can eat the seeds tho!!! Keep up the hard work hopefully we get some rain today here in Michigan!! We need it for our fields !!!

  4. I’ve been successful growing bell green peppers in containers and in my watering trough raised beds. I don’t garden in the ground because I hate weeding; not that I’m able to avoid weeding, but I’m unwilling to fight it in my gardens, too. I mulch my raised beds with grass clippings from my lawn. I allow them to dry really well in the sun before raking them up. It’s about 2 inches deep. This works really well. If any weeds pop up I just pull them out right away while they’re small. I plant lots of marigolds in my raised beds and in my flower pots, too. I used to hate their smell, but they’re so effective at keeping bugs away that I now enjoy their aroma. LOL

    • Marigolds are the best thing for gardens! They keep rabbits away and they are actually very good in all natural skin care creations. I used straw as mulch this year and it seems to be doing well!

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