garden update

i figure it’s been a while since my last garden update. I was outside this morning cutting flowers for my friend when i smack dab grabbed a bee while pulling on a zinnia. i was having a peaceful morning followed by EXPLETIVE.. so much for calm and serenity i thought to myself. i really botched that one up.

a lot of people think i’m too busy but seriously i love projects and i love my garden. it’s what calms me down at night and charges me up in the morning. i need to spend time out there to feel some sort of peace and quiet. although when i go out there i sometimes get overwhelmed with weeding BUT it teaches me one thing at a time. tomorrow that row will get done. today i need to focus on this row. a garden can teach you a lot about life as well as yourself.

so how are the actual plants doing? everything is teetering on the edge of bursting open. the tomatoes are green and plump (i have a few green tomato recipes i’ve been wanting to try) and the zucchinis and eggplants are small but growing. the peppers will probably be ready any time i just want them to get a little bigger.

garden2 (1)

the only thing i’m harvesting on a daily basis are my flowers and i’m totally okay with that. my zinnias just seemed to all get it in their heads that it is time to burst forth. i have so many rows and rows of gorgeous zinnias. i used to favor the larger sized blooms but i’m in love with these little salmon buttons. they make gorgeous and easy bouquets and have an excellent vase life.

garden1 (1)

my hydrangeas are starting to turn a little brown because of the lack of water i’m going to let the soaker hose sit on them tonight. i love hydrangeas but i get irritated by their high maintenance attitudes. they have to be picked in the cool morning and immediately put into water and they die quick in a vase. i like my flowers with a little more longevity but they are super easy to grow so i let them stay around.
garden3 (1)

my poppies seem to have slowed down. i harvested a bunch of their heads (sounds so gruesome) but i’m hoping to save the seeds. and maybe get a few more to pop up. i actually love how the pods look they have a gorgeous minty hue to them that might look kind of pretty in some arrangements.

that is about all for now. i have to keep weeding and watering every day to keep everyone alive during this stupid drought.


  1. Shauna Niequest talks about thin places (places where God feels closer), and the garden is definitely a thin place for me. It calms me, makes me grateful, and makes take in His wonder and glory.

  2. I love my time in the garden. It’s a time for prayer and praise…a time to reflect – I like how you phrased it best: a garden can teach you a lot about life as well as yourself. I’ve been harvesting peas, radishes, lettuce, pickles, zucchini, green beans, and some small carrots (they needed thinning). I brought in some flowers for my first bouquet of the summer the other day and I’ve been enjoying them on my kitchen counter. This heat has been great for the pickles and the morning glories have finally taken off.

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