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garden beds 2

we got one nice day yesterday… and i took 100% full advantage.

after work i trucked on over to the home depot and loaded up on miracle grow garden soil 4/$10! (small bags) i figured once i weeded last years beds and got rid of the debris there would be about an inch or two of soil needed (plus mulch and some compost).

i blasted the tigers and spent all night cleaning out the beds. i have read both positive and negative things about not clearing out last years veggies. not because i was compelled one way or another but out of absolute laziness i left last years crops to dry out and die where they grew. that sounds really violent and really sad.

anyways it actually worked out well. most of the large dried out zinnia and tomato stalks kept a majority of weeds to over take the beds. it took me about 3 hours total to rip everything out, weed, shovel, fill and rake. hopefully once the threat of frost is passed (it was supposed to be last weekend..) i can start planting my seeds and plants.

FINALLY almost all of my flowers popped up in their seed trays but the veggies alas did not. i did use old seeds from last year so maybe i didn’t store them right over the winter? regardless i will have no issue buying plants at the farmers markets.

garden beds 1

there are three hot spots i like to gather from and can still find some really unique varieties. right now the fulton market has a bunch of herbs, peas and heirloom tomatoes and SOME peppers. most are grown organically and you can pick them up for $1-$3 a plant. once the holland market opens on the 18th i like to visit my 4 acre farm friend and get unique types of nasturtium, chard, kale and more. finally if you are serious enough to make the hike PLEASE visit the muskegon farmers market. it is a totally different feel than GR and Holland. Live music, food trucks etc. it’s so much fun! plus there is a man there (he was there last year) that sells every single kind of tomato known to man. i got myself into some trouble there…

back to my garden… my grandpa was gracious enough to take in a soil sample for us (should have done that a long time ago. our soil was in desperate need of lime. joe tilled the grown up (we have part clay) and added the lime so the actual ground is ready to plant.

rest is just clearing out the pathway weeds, setting up irrigation and cleaning out the trellises.

now, last year we had a tick issue around the farm. i found two on me and one crawling around my towel. melt down mode.

i have been hearing stories about how they are already popping out and have had a few friends that have found them on them already. disgusting.

i did a thorough examination before jumping into the shower and again after incase you know, the water disturbed them.

at the gym this morning i was showering and i swear i saw a tick on my right cheek (butt). no mirror in the shower and poor lighting were no help. desperate times calls for desperate measures. i texted my friend leah who has a vast knowledge of ticks because she is just as terrified as myself. she was awoken to a lovely picture of a spot on my right ass cheek.

upon her inspection we have determined it was not a tick. however…i’m not taking any chances again. i use off deep woods with deet and that seems to be the only thing that works. i love gardening and the great outdoors. not a fan of ticks. sorry for the image i have just left you with this thursday.

garden beds 3


  1. Barb Slikkers says:

    Stay diligent on your search for them nasty ticks. My sis-in-law and nephew both have Lymes Disease and it is NO JOKE. We (and they) live close to the lake (SW Side of Holland) and you can never let your guard down. Keep your pants tucked into your shoes/boots and wearing light color clothing helps you find them. What a bother they are. Good luck with your garden efforts. I have some nifty garden stakes (from Gardeners Eden catalog) that I no longer need. Interested? Free to good home. They are super sturdy and I used them for tomatoes. I have approx 6-8 or so.

    • That is so scary! Did they get the disease from ticks? I take it very seriously but my husband thinks i’m crazy.
      It’s only going to get worse and it’s not something to mess around with.

      I would love some garden stakes if you are not using them anymore?!

      • Barb Slikkers says:

        Yes, Lymes Disease is from ticks that have the lyme disease. They transfer it to you when they are embedded in your skin. Ick. Gross I know. Just get them off as soon as possible.

        Id be happy to pass off these stakes to you. Heading to JB & Me anytime soon? I’ll be downtown Holland a few times next week if you are cruising through.

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