Grand Rapids Antique Show


HA! And you thought flea season was over! Jokes on you!

I’m so excited that the grand rapids antique market is coming back for another year at the DeVos place in grand rapids. That’s right it’s indoors. forget the muck boots, forget the layers and layers of coats. you can shop all weekend for $12! want to know two more bits of good news…. 1.) it starts at NOON saturday. perfect time to get brunch and then head out to the show! 2.) it’s running in the same time and building as the beer wine and food festival. because the only thing i like better than sober shopping…. is liquefied up shopping. i know it sounds dangerous but i toss my inhibitions to the wind and walk away with amazing things i don’t need and not an ounce of buyers remorse… until like the next tuesday.


this show is highly curated so it’s not like a ‘junking’ market it’s all laid out for you. the set ups will be inspirational and beautiful and the items are for the most part already cleaned 🙂

last year i got some AHMAZING deals. i got an 8×10 kilim rug and a 4×6 one for under $400 (if you’ve been looking for them you know that is a steal). i got this incredible vintage embroidered michigan pillow, a couple boxes of shiny brights and hand carved side table. super unique and high quality finds at really reasonable prices.


for sneak peaks and rsvp to the event click here

to purchase your weekend pass in advance click here

hope to see you there!


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