happy camper

let’s talk about my poor poor neglected camper that has been shoved in a barn all winter after having it’s paint savagely stripped off of it.

i’ve been procrastinating repainting her because i just don’t know what direction i want to take this in.

i want it to be part vintage hauler, part jewelry display, part abby chic, part camping/hideout ready.

ok so… what does that mean.

last summer i committed and bought coral exterior paint. and i think i’ve changed my mind. i’m not a pinky kind of girl. i want something more like grown up perhaps with coral accents. the problem now is i need to have this beyotch painted before i have shows in two weeks that she needs to be at and can’t go looking like this.

camper 1

camper 2

horrifying i know. the red stripe paint though was not original so it had to go you know what i’m saying? the previous owner did the entire camper in a “firefighter” motif. not sure about that but that nonsense is gone from the inside. the paint is off and it’s basically aluminum and white. so now what? here are some inspirational ideas from my happy camper pinterest board.  the thing i’m liking about these is they look grown up and sleek but with a touch of girly still to them. what do you think? all suggestions needed and wanted!

camper 3 camper 6 camper 5 camper 4

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