hidden house drama

listen, i love my old house. i actually couldn’t picture myself living in a new house (again). our first home was a newer build (around the 90’s) and i worked really hard to make it fit my style but it was never quite right. there were no creaky floors, no detailed architecture, no small quarks with room sizes. this might be a HUGE turn off to some people but to me it was things i wanted in my house to make it feel like my own cozy home.

we moved out to our farm about 3 and a half years ago and there has been so many lessons to learn and hidden house drama. remember the mice? the bats? the pool? i often joke that we have a real live money pit in the back of our house. we just drain the pool and throw all our dollars into it. all kidding aside though if you are going to take the old house route you have to be aware and ready that things are going to go wrong. sometimes it’s a $20 run to the home depot to fix and sometimes it’s spending your vacation fund on a new window. in my opinion the costs are worth it but it just might not be to some people.

once the snow melted joe and i have been working round the clock to get things fixed, replaced and ready before the summer and before baby comes. i feel like once the baby is here there will not be much motivation to do landscaping haha. our most recent splurge was three windows for the laundry room extension of our bedroom. this has been a bit of a long time coming. we moved into the house the wood windows were already sort of rotted out. when we finally tried o open one last summer the bottom frame seriously just fell out. do you know how much three small windows cost? about $3k. bye bye amazing patio furniture. you’ll have to wait until the nest egg builds up again.

all of these upgrades and fixes might sound like a bit of a bummer and don’t get me wrong they totally are but i tell myself with each improvement we make it’s making our house a more sustainable, safe and better place to live. basically what i’m trying to say is old houses are wonderful and i wouldn’t trade it for the world but i’m starting to realize that each old house needs a maintenance savings account. (did i seriously just say savings account….and volunteer myself to start one?) 


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