I need to get better at this

So I apologize about again, taking another month to post but I have been super busy!
I started a great new job working in Corporate Communications (which has been freakin amazing if I do say so myself). I also got a new puppy his name is binks. He is 11 weeks old and a naughty naughty collie puppy although I did teach him to sit.
On a sadder note i’ve also been dealing with my grandpa. He is very sick with cancer and isn’t doing well so keep him in your prayers.

Tonight I am going shopping with my mom and grandma to help my grandma find a dress for the wedding. Any suggestions?

Here is a funny story for you in closing.

So I found this rug off of craigslist (a rug not a serial killer) anyways went to go look at this rug and the guy had it all rolled up ready to be put in my car. well I ask him to unroll it and he says “oh its very heavy and I just had it cleaned” but I urged him to roll it out a big. Well, I am glad I did because behold there was a stain on the bottom, I looked at him and he said “oh thats just only on the bottom of the rug” and I said Oh really and unrolled it more….The man tried to sell me a rug with a big cat pee stain right in the middle! so Beware!


  1. This is awesome! I’ve been liookng for a big rug for our living room because we have tile and baby keeps moving the furniture as he tries to pull up. Not exactly encouraging him to walk! Ha! Love your blog!!!

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