the perfect jumpsuit

i have found her. the perfect jumpsuit.

jump suit 2

remember when i told you about the amazing jumpsuit my friend erica picked out for me?  i have tried on countless countless COUNTLESS jumpsuits. they either made me look like a stumpy little barrel or were way too long in the torso or worse….way toooooo short in the torso. alas the sloan jumpsuit is the perfect jumpsuit.

jumpsuit 1

the material of this jumpsuit has a textured stretch to it. does that makes sense? the material is really thick and smoothing but it has some give to it which allows for some movement and doesn’t cling to my less appealing parts of my body. you know what i mean? the belted waistline adds a bit of definition. best part? pockets!!!!

jumpsuit 3

confession time… loved this jumpsuit so much i also bought it in cranberry…. and i still want it in emerald. i’m showing restraint though promise. until that emerald bugger goes on sale. it’s just too perfect.

jumpsuit 6

thank you jumpsuit for being the perfect ankle length. thank you michigan for being in the high 50’s in december so i can wear my favorite flats. well one of my favorites at least. i bought these on sale at ak rikks. they actually go with everything. i always gravitate towards the gold metallics and now it’s totally acceptable to mix metallics so sign me up!

jumpsuit 5

the purse was a recent purchase from tory burch. i bought it with a gift card i got for my birthday. i had to retire my trusty kate spade crossbody that i had for like 2 years because it was starting to finally fall apart but in it’s defense that bag has been to countless flea markets, shopping trips, work, travel, everywhere. we had a good run kate but now it’s time to pass the torch to tory.

jumpsuit 4

adding this to my list of holiday comfy and classy gear. it’s chic, it’s structured and it’s expandable. merry christmas eve everyone!


thanks to my pal wandering enchanted for taking the pics! 


  1. I never thought I would look good in a jumpsuit so I never tried them on. Maybe I’ll have to reconsider!

  2. That is so cute. I have a super long torso, and really stubby legs…ha. I’m not sure I could find one. I always have trouble with one piece bathing suits too because I would need such a big size to fit my torso length but then the suit would be too big. I found a cute lounge style jumpsuit at aerie though that fits me!

  3. Holy cow, a flattering perfect jumpsuit?! In multiple colors? That like finding a unicorn living in your backyard!! You look amazing in it. I totally would end up with the emerald color, too.

  4. It does seem like a great jumpsuit!

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