keeping busy

so while we are playing the waiting game we’ve been doing out best to keep busy and occupied and keep our minds away from digging too much into any sort of worst case scenarios. easier said than done i guess but in all seriousness if you want to remain distracted, buy an old farmhouse. we’ve been painting, cleaning, scrubbing and hiring jobs out to get our house in order and enjoyable for summer. i can’t bring myself to work on the nursery right now because it just makes me cry so i’ve given myself a little bit of a break from that. i’ve been focusing on the outside spaces we use all summer long. that being the porches, pool and screen room.

our new screen room couch is going to be delivered today and i’m super psyched about that. it’s one of my favorite rooms to lounge in come summer. it surprisingly stays really cool for most of the day. i’m debating between flooring options because the teal/burgundy slate isn’t working for me. i’m wondering about just throwing down some waterproof laminate (room gets a bit of moisture) or just painting the slate black. is that possible you think? maybe i’ll just paint a square or two and see how it goes.

we had the most amazing person come out and fix our pool. seriously i’m almost glad that lame construction company left us high and dry because my friend Heidi on facebook recommended her handyman husband who did an amazing job on our pool. he fixed all the plumbing issues, cleaned it and painted it. if you need his number gimme a shout. he did an incredible job. we are actually starting to fill it today.

the next big project is ripping out the landscaping around the pool all the overgrown shrubs and weeds that look a bit jungle like. we are going to replace them with hydrangeas and build a hedge around the pool for privacy and hopefully low maintenance. and then hopefully sitting back and enjoying the pool area for a bit.



  1. Hey can you send me the name and number of the guy your used for your pool?

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