kitchen inspiration

joe and i have made a resolution to stay on top of things in this house and keep and continue to nip away at projects week after week (probably until the day we die). this summer we focused on outdoors; pool, garden, yard, front landscaping..with the mentality that once the weather turns we will start again on the inside.

i finally tackled my first interior project of the fall by painting my entryway white (formerly blue) but the one coat coverage promise is a total crock and three coats later i finally finished it last night. as soon as it dries i’ll post a picture. but once i get that room put back together i will start in on the kitchen/eat in area. right now it has sea foam green tin ceiling, pale yellow walls and white wood trim, cherry wood floors and a red brick fireplace. i have made my peace with the fieldstone that is mixed in with the fireplace and i’m going to make it work. i want to really neutralize the space and calm it down a bit. it’s just so much going on in there. too many colors competing.

i would like to paint the walls white as well as the tin ceiling but paint the bead board trim a deeper navy/slate color to make it pop a bit and keep with my dark industrial glam farmhouse theme i have going on. i think that having the walls and ceiling white will make the field stone not so…. fieldstone.

so anyway i have of coursed been pinning like crazy some of my inspiration for the space. the most major project is going to be having someone come and redo the tile behind the oven. right now it’s a red and black checked square and it just kind of throws off the space. i don’t want to do a traditional subway tile though but that is another pinterest board for another day.

kitchen inspiration source

one of my favorite tumblrs is blood & champagne which sounds kind of strange but they have just pages and pages of super interesting and unique home decor shots. like i could get lost on there for hours. (and sometimes i do). i found this image on there and was really drawn to the brick with the black. i do not think i want to go that dark in the kitchen but i do love how it’s just super mellow and calm.

kitchen with slatesource

this shot is a little lighter and i love all the natural wood elements. i bought my dining chairs from anthropologie that have a fabric tufted cushion and raw light wood frame. i love my chippy wood table in there but it’s not the most sturdy of tables. it works for now but who knows in the future i might be switching it out and using it somewhere else.

kitchen inspiration green
i know that this is technically not a kitchen but i love the pops of green (there goes that green again). i love the idea of live plants but for some reason my indoor green thumb is lacking compared to my outdoor. maybe it’s because i don’t have mother nature as a fall back? anyway this is going to be our next big project we tackle. stay tuned!



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