living in denim

ok i could just be living in denim forever. since my big girls dress policy is jeans on fridays only i found some alternative ways to sneak denim into the workplace. i’m a huge fan of the free people denim button ups (that are long enough to wear with leggings btw) and this ag denim dress from anthropolgie which is now on mega sale i believe.
store 2a

i bought this earlier in the winter when i was in dire need of actual dresses (not tunic sweaters) to last me through winter. i have a nasty habit come january where i just pile on as many layers to cover my butt with leggings and keep warm. i end up looking like a cross between the olsen twins and the bird lady from home alone 2.
store 3a

this dress gives that tunic free flowing feeling but adding some shape and definition to my body. and allowing people to see that there is still a formed shape underneath the pile of sweaters and wools. i love the sleeve length on this too because it doesn’t really require a ton of layers on top to keep warm. it’s a super thick material. although i have been known to toss a giant free people man cardigan on top of was a look at me day.
store 4a

paired with one of my favorite 31bits necklaces and bed stu boots (which by the way are ah ma zing ) and (and worth every penny). i personally prefer them over frye… i think. the leather is soft and luxurious and the more you wear them the more weathered and amazing they look. is anyone else starting to let their wardrobe “unthaw” a bit yet?

outfit details:

dress ON SALE
Boots bed stu
necklace 31bits similar here
scarf the found cottage


  1. I love 31 Bits! We used to sell them at the store where I work. Great stuff!

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