long weekend recap

what a beautiful long weekend we had in michigan friends. i mean it’s Memorial Day weekend we could have ended up with snow and sleet for all we know. i remember one year we wore winter coats to a parade. this year though it was sunny and absolutely beautiful. it stormed one morning up in pentwater but that was about it. it was sunny skies the entire time.

friday night after work we picked up the mutts from the groomer and headed right up to pentwater. we met up with our friends brooke and jesse and hung out at the antler bar grabbing some dinner and drinks before heading back to the cottage to hang out. after they left saturday morning we got to work heading straight to lowes to pick up supplies. we ended up grabbing lunch at gulls landing on our way back because it was so beautiful out. we had deep fried asparagus and soak up the sun before getting to work. joe realized he left his suitcase with all of his weekend stuff at home so i went home and checked on the animals, grabbed his suitcase and hit up a quick flea market with liz and lisa before heading back up north. i got back around 7pm and joe and i grabbed a small pizza and walked to the beach to enjoy the sunset. we grabbed ice cream on our way back (we’re so super healthy) and then hit the hay because we were beat!

sunday morning we slept in, read a bit, went for a walk and then grabbed some lunch to watch the tigers game. we fiddled around the house for a bit more before heading to my parents cottage in muskegon for dinner. we went to this cute place called “the deck” that is on the beach and had ribs and enjoyed some live music. we went back to their cottage and hung out a bit more before heading back up north to pentwater.

monday morning we got up and started organizing the cottage and taking inventory of what projects still needed to be done. we hung one fan up to see if we liked it and didn’t hang the other one just yet. still deliberating. we cleaned and straightened and got rid of spare trim, wood, drywall bits etc and took stock of our work. we did come a long way this weekend! we hung some trim until we ran out, finished up walls, hung a carriage door, hung a ceiling fan, worked on an overhead beam…. we are officially to the point of doing finishing work folks! and boy does it feel good! my parents came up for lunch to check on the project and brought my nephew with them. we took him to the beach playground and watched him climb things. trust me, it’s much more entertaining than it sounds. then we grabbed a late lunch before we all headed home.

last night we got home around 6 or so and we were so wiped out. we took care of the animals, watered the plants and made a grocery list for the week. we worked hard this weekend but also got in some R&R too. i’ll share some photos of our progress soon!

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